Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

Just a reminder here that gluten sensitivity symptoms do not just occur in the gut.

In fact, you probably do have gut involvement, but you are also likely to have:

Neurological symptoms – headaches, migraine, anxiety, depression, restless legs, twitching, brain frog, as I call it. Actually, many gluten experts now think of it as a neurological disease that affects other areas of the body.

Skin symptoms – eczema-like rashes are common

Hypersensitivity – to other non-gluten foods (mostly other grains, especially corn, and dairy as those are cross-reactive to gluten. As well as to chemicals and smells.

And those are just the top three I see.

Remind yourself of this issue by reading my whole Gluten Illness section and this article from VeryWell, which includes info from three of the top gluten experts.

Trust me: it ain’t just about the gut! In fact, if a person is not getting better on a normal approach to whatever illness they have, I will automatically ask that they do Cyrex 3x so I can rule out (but most often in) a gluten illness of some kind. It’s usually the underlying key to why they are not improving. That included me years ago, so that’s how I now to look for it now!

Check my Gluten Plan out for my whole diatribe on the different gluten illnesses, testing and treatment. And all the Cyrex gluten tests are here.

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