Quote of the Week: Men’s Health

In the UK one in five men will die before their 65th birthday. The biggest health risks for men over 50 are prostate cancer closely followed by cardiovascular issues. Whilst for younger men suicide is the biggest killer. 

Jonathan Cohen

What an awful set of statistics! We really must do better at supporting our younger men, musn’t we? If you know someone who is struggling, please do encourage them to talk to someone.

I had a quick look at the stats for suicide generally. It shocked me that, actually, it is most prevalent in middle-aged people. Men aged 45-49 and women aged 50-54 had the highest rates of all in 2019 in England and Wales. The rate was much higher in men than women.


I did wonder if it could be hormonal, you know. People assume menopause is just about women, but I am seeing more and more men with ‘andropause’ symptoms. Could it be that the testosterone or even oestrogen lessening could be affecting men at that age, making them less able to cope? Or maybe it is traditionally when young families leave the nest and divorce happens? I have no idea, but I’m willing to bet hormones and nutrient levels are in there somewhere.

It’s a time when the excesses of youth and stresses of career- and family-building are likely to catch up, certainly. Most of us have been simply too busy – or feeling too invincibly-young – to look after ourselves that well. So, nutrient levels will likely have dropped, bellies widened, stress built up. I would advise a good diet, a wellbeing multi, walking, weights and yoga or Qi Gong.

Pyroluria Anxiety

One nutrient-related issue that often gets missed is pyroluria or kryptopyrrole syndrome, which crops up surprisingly often. Most health professionals have never heard of it. It is really simple to test for and the impact of it is tremendous. Treatment can be transformative. Check this article out for more info:


I’ve added it to my Pyroluria Factsheet too for you. The test for it is relatively cheap (yay, for a change!) and here.

Here, too, is my Stress, Anxiety and Depression Factsheet, should you need it.

Cancer and Cardio

So, what about prostate cancer and circulatory problems, then, as also mentioned in that quote? There is an awful lot that can be done to prevent those and I truly wish more men would come forward and ask for preventative care!

I have just listed the FDX Man Ultra test, which I know is quite costly but, boy, it packs some punch. I was stunned when I did the first couple at just how much useful info it gives you. All the info is presented in a very detailed but easy report that sets out the priorities and suggestions for you so you know what’s been found and where to start. Lots of explanation and treatment suggestions too.

You can see the test info here (cursor down to the FDX section) and here’s some info from the lab for you. It includes a full hormone check, PSA count, adrenals, liver, kidneys, cardio, thyroid, vitamin and minerals and lots more. I was so impressed, I am making P have it!

I advise once every 2 to 3 years so you catch anything early and not when symptoms start happening and some damage has already been done!

Hope you found that helpful.

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