The Healing Plan – Back on the Shop

Just to say I have now got the original Healing Plan back on the shop for you. This book is one of the most important ones I have written.

Over the years, in personal and clinical practice, I have discovered a BIG truth about chronic illness, especially hypersensitivity type ones where you have become over-sensitive to stuff eg. histamine intolerance, MCAS, multiple food sensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivity and the like. Coming at it from the physical angle will get you so far. Coming at it from a brain retraining, hidden emotional triggers, trauma etc release will get you so far. Combine the two and you have a real powerhouse that can help turn the problem around!

I am in the middle of writing my ultimate guide to food hypersensitivity, but I will be saying in it that you need to do the Healing Plan stuff too. Sometimes, you have to do this first to be able to get any traction with the physical treatments – which is what happened to me.

I did the Healing Plan – I became less sensitive, lots of things resolved, I felt much more normal – now I am starting to get the supplements and foods in that I need to heal fully, or as fully as I can. As we know: each body is individual and healing depends on a LOT of things. I could have been a bit quicker about it but, truthfully, I’ve felt so much better than before, apart from two main symptoms now, that I just coasted a lot and looked after you more!

I know coming at it this way around has helped many of you, and that makes my heart sing. Unfortunately, many people pooh-pooh the idea that the mind can have anything to do with their pain or sensitivity levels. It’s quite a hard sell, to be honest. But I know it works. A lot of you know it works. If you’re not quite convinced yet, have a read of my Central Sensitivity Syndrome factsheet here. That really shows how closely entwined calming the system and working on the brain is linked to pain. And then read the ACEs and Trauma Triggered Illness factsheet. Don’t think it doesn’t apply to you: I did that and I wish I hadn’t!

Anyway, I hope you find it helpful. Here’s some info on it for you and some comments about what people think of it – they always make me a bit teary.

I have written this 200 page Healing Plan for you if you have one of what I think of as the ‘hypersensitivity’ illnesses, or a chronic illness of any kind that isn’t getting better using the normal interventions, especially:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sensitivity to foods, chemicals, life!
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic pain especially head pain, muscular and PMS or
  • Stress and trauma-triggered illness (childhood often triggers physical ‘syndrome’ or pain illnesses late 30s/40s, or adult stress just before illness started)

“This book is truly exceptional. You should be incredibly proud.”

“As a guide to for those who have totally failed to find an answer to their own illnesses, it could be life changing!” Editor

Just finished the first read-through of the Healing Plan. It feels so supportive and personal, like a kind friend who has been there, pointing out a myriad of possibilities for making my way. It helps not to feel alone with my illness. Thank you!

I have spent many years as a naturopathic medical nutritionist working with people on the functional side of what may have gone wrong with them. Is it their adrenals, methylation status, a parasite, an allergy, a nutrient deficiency? And on the search usually goes. This works for many, many people, but what happens when someone has what I call an ‘unresolving chronic illness’ that just isn’t responding to normal mainstream or alternative treatment?

And what if those people can’t tolerate the foods, meds or supplements to help and have ‘avoided’ so many foods (and possibly chemicals and even life!) that they are now left with an extremely restricted diet, a joyless life, a skinny backside and are still not getting better?

That’s what happened to me. And that’s why I wrote this book. I had to find another way to heal myself with ‘non-ingestive’ methods – ‘nil by mouth’, as I call it. This is designed to dovetail with ‘normal’ treatments, but sometimes you have to open up or calm the body sufficiently using this sort of stuff first, I’ve found. It’s the combination of the two physical and psychological/brain retraining stuff that works long term.


Welcome & Housekeeping


What the Heck is Going On?

Step 1: Calm It All Down and Enter A Healing State

Step 2: Use Neuroplasticity Techniques To Change Your Brain

Step 3: Support, Reveal & Deal With the Emotional Side of Illness

Step 4: Reintegrate: Re-joining The World, But Who Are You Now?

Step 5: Investigate and Treat Whatever’s Left

Getting Support


“there is an incredible amount of knowledge and fantastically helpful information in this book. I really think this is a whopper of a piece of writing…”

This book outlines the five key steps I took to turn my health around. It was a massive learning curve and one where I had to suspend disbelief quite a lot, but it worked. I got many foods back, recovered my energy levels – I feel much closer to ‘normal’ again (well, as normal as a 50-odd year old gets..). And I know that’s what you want; it shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it?!

My genuine hope is that this approach will help you too. To be honest, I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t – although I can’t yet eat hats!

“This will be a massive eye-opener for a lot of people….”

“Another masterpiece!”

“Feels like you are there holding my hand so not such a lonely experience….”

“I think the book is brilliant, love the lay out and style, flow and writing. Well done you!”

“I think this is a tremendous health plan that seeks to educate people about the emotional and psychological components of chronic ill health. It teaches the link between the physical and mental and will really help those people who firmly believe this does not apply to them! Just making the effort to purchase and read the Healing Plan will be a big step forward in someone’s healing and recovery.”

“ have done masses of research and so will save people lots of time not having to do it themselves. They also have the benefit of you having tried and tested various methods. Well done!”

“Your writing is very easy to read and the spacing etc all help make it easier too.”


“It really is phenomenal. I nearly wrote I felt it was better than the Gluten Plan but then changed my mind as that would be very unjust as I think the GP is fantastic too! But the HP is unique and very comprehensive in addressing a particularly difficult and sensitive topic.”

“I love that the book is written in your usual easy going style that incorporates some good humour… I like the way you give the reader lots of links to follow up if they wish too – their choice, which is nice.”
“You’ve given an honest insight into your own journey for others to understand and you’ve shared what you’ve learnt along the way with information on what’s worked and hasn’t worked for you, all in a bid to help others and I admire you for that – ultimately giving a lot of information and options for someone who wants to look further to find out what might suit or work for them in their quest to get well.”
“Last month I flagged up Micki Rose’s new book on the mind-body approach to managing multiple sensitivities and chronic illness. Well, now I have read it – and it is absolutely fascinating. As a guide to for those who have totally failed to find an answer to their own illnesses, it could be life changing. Micki describes her journey and the book that has come out of it.” Editor Review

“What an enormous piece of work this is. I found it a fascinating read and it was so useful to have all the links to other sites…And how generous of you to put your experiences out there for us all to benefit from…. As you point out, each person reading your book will take different things from it and really it is a wonderful idea that people can travel their own paths with the information you provide…Your book has already helped me in several ways. Firstly I know I’m not alone. That’s very powerful….as a result of reading your book I find I have a new path to follow, feel much more positive and trust things will level out now..many thanks.

“I bet lots of people will cry reading this…”

The book is absolutely full of links to resources for you. I calculated I tried 47 different techniques over the two years it took me to do this. I’ve done all the trialling for you so you’ll know what to use now and, importantly, how best to use it – I try and explain really clearly how I applied each recommended technique for best effect as we go along – so it should take you a lot less time than it did me! I so wish someone else had done this when I needed it!

“There is so much information and links for further exploration. It’s an absolutely terrific one-stop shop directory for anyone who is battling with chronic ill health…”

“I have yet to finish this book but want to say how impressed I am with the wealth of information it contains. The many useful links contained therein have opened new and useful doors in my search for improvement to my health associated with the mind/body connection. Thank you Michaela”

“Thank you so much for writing this book. It’s helped me to get my life back after nothing else would. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

“I have read lots of Michaela Rose stuff and it is always light-hearted, humorous, well written, knowledgeable and easy to read. This one sounds intriguing, and I am looking forward to reading it. Michaela uses the functional medicine approach and gets to the source of a problem with lazer accuracy. I can assure you this book will be scientific, not positive thinking cliches – she is always well ahead of the alternative herd.”

“I have the first edition of this book and it has been invaluable. Everyone with chronic and autoimmune disease can benefit from this book. I thought I knew a lot about meditation, positive thinking, the power of prayer and the subconscious, overcoming and dealing with trauma and stress, etc, but this book has given me many new avenues to explore and given me a much greater depth of understanding. It is so great to be able to start addressing core causative issues instead of constantly trying to track down and figure out a wide array of changing symptoms. Everyone with chronic illness has had negative epigenetic changes triggered and if you can undo those changes, you are, to a great degree, resetting your immune system and metabolism. The author’s personal story is engaging and inspiring and instructive. The book is organized so as to help you individualize for your particular situation, and progress step-by-step through what could otherwise be an overwhelming process. This book does an excellent job of making mind-body medicine accessible and doable.”

Give it a go: what have you got to lose? More likely, you will gain at least a few steps forward, and usually a LOT more than that.

Wishing you oodles of healing luck. x

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