New 21 Day Free Chopra Meditation

If you’ve read my Healing Plan, you’ll know how much these meditations helped me become much less sensitive to foods. I love them. Each one lasts 21 days and takes 20 minutes a day.

This latest one is with Alicia Keys rather than Oprah Winfrey, which should be interesting. The theme is feminine energy – something I think we need a lot more of in this harsh world at the moment. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it if you’re a man, though; it simply refers to the balance of the masculine and feminine in the world, the yin and yang, if you like.

“Merely by being present, feminine energy transforms the atmosphere, touches the heart, and revives the soul.”

Deepak Chopra

It’s all about balance. We need both types of energy, but sometimes there is a feeling that we have shifted a little much towards one type and we need to redress it. I’m hoping that the feminine energy we developed during Covid, such as being more neighbourly, more in tune with Nature, caring what is happening to others, for example, will develop and strengthen over the next few years to give us a softer, more nurturing, restful feel after the trauma we have all had.

When I saw this come through in my Inbox, I thought: ‘Spot on. Well done!’. Just right for now. Treat yourself and gain some much-needed amygdala-calming and nourishment for your mind and emotions. I think we deserve it.

Do the first session here and register for the whole thing. Enjoy x

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