Chocolate Orange Nutrient-Boost Smoothie for Kids

I often recommend soups and smoothies as a great way to get a load of nutrients in easily and tastily (is that a word?). It works particularly well for children. Biocare recently sent this recipe to my inbox and I share it here for you – with my comments as usual for you. Not just for kids, of course – click here for lots of other smoothie ideas. I particularly like the Gut Healing one – it’s excellent.

Anyway, here’s the kiddie smoothie for you and the post from Biocare..


Do you struggle to get nutrient-rich supplement powders into your child? As adorable as our children are, they can be notoriously fussy. To ensure your children are getting their essential nutrients, we have created this delicious, chocolate smoothie to satisfy their taste buds, whilst boosting their nutrition.

Smoothies are so easy to do and can be fun for you and your child, help spark their imagination and encourage their interest in eating healthily, whilst getting to enjoy their own creation! Your child is guaranteed to love our new smoothie recipe. Not only is it brimming with delicious flavours of chocolatey goodness, but we’ve added our brand new highly concentrated Children’s OmegaCare® fish oil, with a natural orange flavour to make this smoothie taste irresistibly like a chocolate orange, and better still, providing a nutritional boost. This product provides an optimal potency with over 525mg EPA and 375 mg DHA per ½ teaspoon!

Omega-3 fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, found in fish oils cannot be made by the body. Otherwise known as essential fatty acids, they must be obtained from dietary sources. Consuming 1-2 portions of oily fish per week, such as fresh mackerel, salmon and anchovies may not be achievable or possible for many children. These essential fatty acids are crucial for cognitive processes[i] to support them through school, as well as supporting disrupted sleep patterns[ii] and inflammation.[iii]

For an extra nutritional boost, you can even add a multinutrient powder such as our Children’s Complete Complex, to provide vital nutrients such as zinc, vitamins C, D and A for immune support.


Serves 2

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • ½ teaspoon Children’s OmegaCare®
  • 1 teaspoon Children’s Complete Complex*
  • 400ml milk of your choice [Ed: I would use oat or almond, but could be animal, soya, coconut etc, or a mix of several for a better nutritional profile – you could even rotate milks]
  • x3 small bananas (approx. similar to 1.5 large bananas)
  • x1 teaspoon cinnamon [Ed: might be a bit much for some kids??]
  • x1 tablespoon of high quality Cocoa powder
  • x2 squares 85% Dark Chocolate (alternative x4 dates)
  • x1 Handful washed Spinach (Optional) [Ed: Try building this up over time if needed so their palate gets used to greener juices]
  • Juice of 1 orange [Ed: or other fruit]
  • A pinch sea salt


Blitz together in a blender



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