Welcome ‘Food Woman’ to Purehealth

food picI’m pleased to announce today that, as well as Supplement Woman, Christine, we now have Food Woman, Debbie, on the Purehealth team!

I am aware that we need to focus a lot more on food as well as supplements, so I have asked Debbie to help me create some UK-friendly recipe books initially so that I have something to offer when I am asking patients to change their diets and they look at me in sheer terror or completely gone out! It’s also important for those of us who can’t tolerate or afford supplements – how do we get the same or a similar effect using food? Now I’ll be able to show you.

Many of the recipes around currently are very US-based, which is fine for those of you on that side of the pond, but we need some UK versions too, I think! The Pinterest boards have been fab – and I have over 1000 recipes on there now – but it is a little unwieldy.

The first book Debbie is working on is a TrulyGlutenFree (TGF, grain and dairy free) one, of course! It will have breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, with an emphasis on tasty, easy recipes that actually help us heal effectively, rather than just fill us up. We will include shopping lists and lots of hints & tips where we can.

Eventually, we may also offer customised recipe books such as TGF with the emphasis on keeping weight up, or Autoimmune Thyroid recipes etc. We’re having a think what might be most useful for you – so do let us know what you need and we’ll see what we can do. I have done the first one – because one of you asked for it – Hormone Balancing Diet. I didn’t set out to make this TGF actually, but I think there are only two recipes in it that aren’t – I do it subconsciously it seems!

Anyway, I hope you like the idea. Do please give us some feedback on what would be most useful for you. I can’t promise, but we’ll do our best. Meantime, please join me in welcoming Debbie to our Purehealth team.


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  1. I can’t quite believe it! Having been working with Micki and PHC on and off for myself and my family’s health for about 8 years I feel a bit star stuck! All very exciting though and first book on it’s way soon 🙂

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