Histamine Factsheet Now On Kindle

Yay, I have been brave and created an Amazon Kindle version of the new Histamine Factsheet for anyone who prefers that format.  Same price, same info 🙂

This is not a diet book; it’s a specific-protocol plan for people to consider and I’ve crammed it with simple but effective info and tips based on the things I come across in-clinic. In fact, not sure why I didn’t call it the Histamine Plan really, now I think of it! I’ve concentrated the factsheet on what else you can do to reduce histamine sensitivity (or indeed increase it for those of you with too little histamine – it does happen!) and not focused so much on the diet as that has been done to death. I have included what I think are the best diet lists though, of course, and been very specific about the types of protocol you could try. Many people who contact me are just aware of taking some DAO but not a lot else. There is tons more you can do, trust me – and some I didn’t even know until I researched it!

It was a LOT easier to use the new Kindle Create system; I can’t tell you how many times I gave up over the years with Createspace, the forerunner. Done now and, if this one goes well, I plan to get my best sellers on there too once I’ve updated them – that’s the Adrenal Plan and the Gluten Plan. I’m working on the updates for those currently and I’ve a few more factsheets on the boil too, so busy, busy!

You can see the Histamine Factsheet below – and do please leave me a review if you can, it helps me to get it further up the rankings, more people will then hopefully find it and be able to use the info and protocols I’ve put in it! Otherwise it’s info just sitting there that could help, which rather negates the point of me researching and writing these things!

Have a look here or click the pic:

Histamine 2D

Or you can see it on the shop here as usual as a PDF. Both are the same price, although I pay fees with Amazon obviously.

To celebrate, I’ll try and do a series of histameanie blog posts for you in the coming days if I get chance. Please do share this post or the book link to groups and anyone else who you think might need this info – let’s get it out there. I am truly asked about it so much and it frustrates me that people think they are stuck with it and have to follow such a restricted diet for life. Not true!

Here’s the list of contents:


Welcome and Housekeeping 4

Introduction 6

Neurological Histamine Imbalance 9

What Causes High Histamine? 11

Testing for Histamine Intolerance 16

The HIT Diet Guidelines 18

Treating Histamine Intolerance 19

Histamine and Genetics 22

A First-Line Treatment? 24

The HIT Protocol 26

Boosting DAO 29

Probiotics 32

Symptom Support 36

Getting Support 39

Resources 41

OK, I hope I have created it correctly! Looked OK on my Kindle, but do let me know if you spot anything glaring; I can update it quite easily, which is good because I’ve already changed a few links in the last few weeks – these suppliers drive me spare!!

Let me know what you think – and please do review it for me if you buy one. Enjoy 🙂


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