New Folate A-Z Page

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve added a new page about folate into the A-Z for you today. Why? Well, listen to this from recent findings…

up to 60% of children (age 11-18), 56% of adults up to the age of 64 and 36% of adults over 65 were in the risk group for folate insufficiency. Even more concerning, out of all women in child-bearing age, a staggering 75% had inadequate folate levels for the prevention of foetal neural tube defects!

Eek! Have a read of how to get more folate in and why you should!

Folate/Folic Acid

I’m gradually building the Vitamins and Minerals section of the website with info on some of the most important ones, or ones I get asked about a lot. So far, we have folate, magnesium and Vitamin D.

Hope it helps.

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