Grain and Dairy Free Supplements Master List Update

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Just a quick note to let you know that Christine and I have updated the TrulyGlutenFree (dairy and grain free) supplement master list and I’ve put the new version on the shop for you as a free download here, you lucky peeps! Having said we wouldn’t do updates, we’ve continued to! And, it’s quite a big one this time so we’re drawing it to your attention. If you are on the TGF Facebook group, it will be available in Files for you shortly.

Please note that this master list takes us a HUGE amount of work and a donation for our time would be much appreciated – there’s a donation button in the document, thank you. If you already have the list and got it for free, please consider donating if you found the information useful in any way. And please also use our trusted suppliers list when buying stuff – it’s only a little, but it does make a difference and keeps it going!

You can donate here

And the Trusted Suppliers List is here. The list is in the text on that page or as a download for you to save.

I’m doing this as people keep telling me I should charge for the list, but when I do, people don’t buy it and see how useful it is – and I’d rather people got better, you know!We do the list to save you money, time searching and, most importantly, suffering, by showing you how to avoid taking the very supplements that could be continuing to keep you ill. It’s an eye-opener, trust me!

For more on this, read here:

Grain and Corn Free Supplements: A Nightmare!

We hope it helps x

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