Gluten Summit Speaker Series 2: Vojdani

Gluten SummitThe next article in my Gluten Summit speaker series is now out for your delectation! Here’s the last one if you missed it. This time, I have focused solely on Dr Aristo Vojdani who explained in great detail about the immmunological processes going on in gluten related disorders (GRDs). I have done my best to simplify it for you so we can all understand these complex mechanisms.

I liked his lecture because I thought it explained things like why we get suddenly sensitive after munching gluten (or any food) ‘fine’ for years, why we start new symptoms and why our reactions seem to get worse with smaller and smaller amounts. He also made the point that simple food intolerance testing like IgG and IgE testing is not good enough; a premise, as many of you know, I have agreed with for years and have been offering some of the widest antibody and cellular marker testing available in the UK for the last 4/5 years, I thank you 🙂

OK, ready to learn more? Go have a read:

Gluten Summit Speakers Series: What Did They Say?

For the second report (see here for the first) Micki Rose focuses on immunology with Dr Aristo Vojdani who, because he had so much interesting stuff to say, gets an article all to himself.

Enjoy. Does it help you to understand the processes a bit more; it did me?

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