Rosemary, Marjoram and Oregano Effective For Type 2 Diabetes

 Loads of stuff in the media recently about Type 2 diabetes and the rise and rise of it. This one always makes me so frustrated as, over the years, clinically I have found it one of the easiest diseases to reverse and prevent.

I am in the middle of collecting more resources for you to augment the Diabetes factsheet on the clinic site but, for now, here is an interesting study which suggests using oregano and rosemary in your cooking could help. Apparently, the herbs work in the same enzyme-limiting way as some of the traditional diabetes drugs. Have a read here:

Rosemary, oregano contain diabetes-fighting compounds

and the actual abstract is here:

Bioactive Compounds from Culinary Herbs Inhibit a Molecular Target for Type 2 Diabetes Management, Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV

On a completely different note, I was unaware of that link between DPP-IV enzyme and diabetes. The only way I have come across that enzyme is I know many people use it to help break down the gluten and casein morphine type compounds in conditions like autism and gluten/casein sensitivity. I wonder if lowering it in diabetes would then have an effect on mood in those food-susceptible people – be interesting to see some research on whether people have mood/behavioural issues on the stronger DPP-IV inhibiting drugs wouldn’t it?!

I have written before several times on easy measures to take to avoid diabetes so have a read for some simple advice.

There are also some fantastic tests around to find very early indicators in at-risk people so use them. You can read about Pre-D and MetSyn tests here.

For more posts on diabetes for now, see here and here.

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