Free From Supplements: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Supplements Our lovely friends at have just launched the updated FreeFrom Supplements site – and I am chief supplement reviewer! You know how much I love scouring labels and giving my two penn’orth on products, especially supplements, so I was delighted they asked me to help.

Basically, the premise is that many people on restricted diets have malabsorption issues, a greater need for nutrients because they are used up with constant allergic and inflammatory reactions or simply don’t get enough nutrition because of their restrictions. I know: I am one! So, the site is designed to help people get more info on what they might need and how to find good stuff (since there is a LOT of rubbish sold in this field, I’m afraid). My job is to look at the stuff sent in and give my opinion on it. Oh, how sad; what a shame…!

Anyway, here is some info for you on the new site so do go and check it out – it is evolving gradually. I have done two reviews so far so do tell me if they are what you need or if you would like to see something different and I will try to bear that in mind as I umm, ahh, tut, thump the desk and cheer accordingly for you.

Enjoy, and thank you to FM yet again for their continued faith in me. I will try and live up to it.

NEW!! FreeFrom Supplements site

FFSuppsThe FreeFrom Nutrition and Nutritional Supplement section of the FoodsMatter site has been growing away quietly for some years but, buried away in the depths of the 5,000 pages plus of FoodsMatter, it has been almost impossible to find. So, since nutritional supplements are an important part of many food allergic and food intolerant people’s health regime, we decided to give it a bit of a make-over and a site all of its own!

So welcome to

The site will carry regular new product reviews – and we are delighted to say that we have recruited our good friend, nutritionist Micki Rose, to cast her expert eye over the products that we will be reviewing. We will also be developing the supplement directories and will, of course, continue to add to the already bulky portfolio of articles and research reports on everything from digestive enzymes to vitamins and superfoods.

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