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I just HAD to share this news with you today! A few weeks ago, I started to take my own advice and got the Barrier Breakdown Checklist (part of your Barrier Plan) out so I could start seeing if there is anything else I could be doing to lower my hypersensitivity.

Adrenal Fatigue As A Cause Of Multiple Food Sensitivity

As you know, there are usually many factors at play in severe sensitivity, so I started by looking at the work I had done in 2009 when my chronic fatigue was starting to come back.  I recalled one of my main issues was adrenal fatigue and much of the work I did at that time was trying to find and eliminate just what was causing the adrenals to be so shattered all the time. Basically, if we don’t have adrenal strength, we don’t produce enough of our own steroids like cortisone/cortisol and that can be a reason for our over-reactivity. What meds do we give for allergic reactions? Yep: steroids. What do the adrenals produce? Yep: our own natural steroids. Makes sense.

I got my (very large!) file out and hunted down the adrenal results from 2009. I have to say I was actually shocked at how bad they were. I can’t seem to copy them as an image for you for some reason, but if you click here, you will see Genova’s sample adrenal report showing adrenal exhaustion.

Your peak adrenal rise should be the first sample. Theirs shows exhaustion at 5.8 in the morning (should be over 12) and an overall daily total of 13.6 (when it should be 21-41).

Mine was 3.9 in the morning and never picked up at all, giving me a total of just 12.7 for the daily score. This is called flat-lining and is not a good position to be in. No wonder I was tired all the time and started getting hypersensitive! I don’t actually remember seeing one quite as bad as that before or since – why is it always me!?

Adrenal Recovery

Anyway, the good news to share is that, since giving up the gluten and all grains in 2011, my adrenals have recovered, thank goodness. The latest results show my morning cortisol is now over 12 at 13.2 and it remains high enough through the whole day, giving me a really good total smack in the middle of the 21-41 range at 30.

How good is that? Just goes to show that some people’s adrenals (and thyroid actually I am finding) will not pick up until you remove the main allergenic drain on them. I have seen this several times and am pleased to see it in my own case too!

So, I thought I would share that with you. I am having a battery of tests done (following the Barrier Breakdown checklist as above) in the next few weeks, not least a special dental test to try and identify the cause of my on-going gum issues which I am convinced are not helping my recovery. I have a horrid feeling it will turn out to be a form of MRSA since it has been so persistent 🙁

I’ll keep you posted with anything interesting of course. Meantime, you can test your adrenals quite easily using saliva samples at home if you think it might be something you need tokeep an eye on too. I will shortly have the Adrenal Plan ready to help you with anything you find too – I finished the main draft today so I just need to put all the other elements to it, proof-read  and TGF-ise it for you.

Onward with my investigations… I just couldn’t wait to tell you about that, sorry!


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  1. As well as being gluten sensitive, I’m histamine intolerant – and have adrenal fatigue together with hypothyroidism. I’m not aware of the adrenal fatigue being hugely improved since I’ve been gluten-free (the last Genova test result confirmed this), though I’ve not been truly, truly gluten-free (without any cheating) for much more than a year. Is the fact that I’m also histamine intolerant also a factor in this? I ask this specifically because I’m still addicted to tea, though I don’t usually have more than one cup a day. I know that tea is high in histamine.and that therefore I should avoid it completely – and it certainly increases inflammation – but when I don’t have much energy to start with, it bucks me up so I can get a few things done before I eventually collapse into a heap on the floor (not literally). Will all be revealed when your Adrenal Plan is issued or is this something you can answer now?

    1. I can’t really give specific case help on here, Anthony, so PM me if you need to. Generally, though, if the adrenals aren’t picking up, it is likely there is still a drainer on them that hasn’t been identified or eliminated yet. That could be the histamine or any number of other things like allergy reaction, emotional stress, inflammation etc, or deficiency of the nutrients needed for the adrenals. It might also be tied into your thyroid issue or an issue with glands either up the chain like pituitary or hypothalamus. We would need to consider it more specifically, but, in short, I have found they will not pick up with normal adrenal protocol if something is still bashing them down.

      1. I meant also to say, it has taken me roughly 2 years to get to this point too..! Gradual improvement, quite significant within months of coming off the grains but then nothing for ages. I must have cracked something at last 🙂

      2. Thanks for your reply, which answered my query, i.e. you confirmed that histamine intolerance can be a factor in poor adrenal function – which means I should really make an effort and cut out tea.

        I saw elsewhere in your blog that you have dental problems. I’ve had many dental problems myself and it was only thanks to Graeme Munro-Hall that I finally got them sorted out. I consider him the best dentist in the U.K. He’s based outside Bedford so isn’t too far from you anyway.

      3. Ok, great, glad that helped then. Yes, I have been in touch with his clinic and can’t remember why entirely but something put me off. I think it was the poor quality of the literature they sent me and when I spoke to reception on the phone, I wasn’t filled with confidence. Perhaps I caught them on a bad day. Funnily enough, I got my dental results back today – 15 different bacterial strains found including one superstrain. No wonder they flippin hurt! Interestingly, the main natural antibiotic that has come up with a positive for all of them is…oregano, the one I have chosen to use, but not been consistent with. Oops. At least now, though, I can see what it is and start dealing with it, I hope. I will write about it soon. Thanks for your advice, though, I will need a good dentist to help me.

      4. Regarding the Munro-Hall Clinic, I agree that their literature isn’t great – and neither were the supplements they used to provide (though the quality may have improved since I had my main work done there). The staff on reception can also be a bit brusque (perhaps because the Clinic is so busy), but they’re fine once you get to know them. I can understand why you might have been put off. However, the quality of the work is second to none; they’re also entirely alternative – which is one reason why the General Dental Council keeps having a go at Graeme. They can’t stand the fact that he doesn’t tow the line – and perhaps also because he has such a devoted following of supporters. Incidentally, in order to try to prevent infection following dental work, the Clinic always gives at least one high dose vitamin C infusion – which used to be vitamin C derived from sugar beet, but the Chinese supplier has now switched to corn!! Sugar-beet-derived vitamin C can still be obtained, however, by special order and at a higher cost. Graeme now has a second dentist working there, Elmer Jung, who’s been trained in much the same way, though it’s only Graeme himself who uses the Cavitat machine (which can pick up probable infection which normal x-rays miss). Unless things have changed, there are (or were) only two Cavitat machines in the U.K. and the other is in Poole. A final point, Graeme gets booked up months ahead for surgery, but Elmer can usually be seen in two or three weeks.

        I’m recommending him so enthusiastically because he was the only dentist, among many I saw, who was able to diagnose the many major jaw infections I had, without taking any x-rays himself. (Other dentists simply treated me as hypochondriac or neurotic: one told me to go away and take pain killers and anti-depressants and another simply had be barred from the Practice.) Graeme simply used other dentists’ x-rays and saw what they missed. Which just confirms what is often said: many dentists (and doctors) can’t read x-rays.

      5. Bless you, Anthony, that is very kind of you. I shall have another go then probably. Shame about that Vit C infusion, though!

  2. Hey Micki… thanks for this – have been TOTALLY avoiding adressing the issue…still! I think I have hypothyroid issues and possible adrenal fatigue but am just avoiding getting into a whole other issue! Am not feeling great though, serious energy dip that has now been going on for a while … so I have followed the link and will see if I can’t somehow get that Adrenal Stress Test done at last. Funnily enough, was just exchanging messages online this morning with someone on the same subject – and then I read this post! A SIGN! MUST do something!! Good luck with all your testing and your dental investigations. They say that dental issues are one of the main hindrances to good health so you are right to get onto that 🙂

    1. Lol. I do that – see something and think: ‘I must do that!’ like it’s a sign! Often is. Yes, thought I had cracked the mouth thing for a bit but it has raised its ugly head again. At least now I know it isn’t so bad it is pulling my adrenals down 🙂 I have been loads of adrenal tests all over Europe – especially Sweden for some reason (?) recently – so France should be a breeze. You just have to be able to get it back within 48 hours max.

  3. Micki, I know you don’t like it, but if you suspect mouth infection, especially MRSA, you need to seriously consider coconut oil pulling. Google Bruce Fife and oil pulling. At least you don’t have to swallow it.

    1. Ugh. The thought, Sue! But Ugh, the pain, too… I will try, honest. I have tried oil pulling before and I just don;t seem to have the patience required 😉

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