Truly #Gluten Free Supplements Probiotics Update

Just to let you know I have sent out a probiotics update for the TGF Supplements Master List this week, so please look out for it in your inbox.

I have added a load of different alternative probiotics for those who need non-FOS ones, non-inulin ones and some info on those safe for histamine intolerance. I also added a new product I have assessed for dry eyes and a Silica for your hair and nails.

The Barrier Plan update also went out this week. Not much to report there this month, other than a note about alternative probiotics as above, but there should be next time. I am researching a few areas and hope to add a new bit to the BP soon on the importance of adrenal function in controlling sensitivity levels.

I have come across quite a bit of useful research whilst writing the upcoming Adrenal Plan. Pretty complex stuff but could have really good implications for our treatment. I finished the first draft of it today 🙂 and, as soon as the standard Adrenal Plan is finished, I will of course start on the TGF version of it for you!


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