Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!

I am writing this tip for myself this morning. Sometimes you have to remind yourself how to think, don’t you?

I am having a crap day. Actually a crap couple of days. I reacted to something with a swollen oesophagus, stomach lining and abdomen 3 days ago. The something stuck in the throat thing hasn’t happened at all for about six months so I know I have inadvertently consumed citrus or corn, which is what usually causes that particular problem. Of course, it means the whole oesophagus is swollen – which is a bit scary since it feels like there is less room in my chest for breathing. The whole digestive tract swells and I look like the proverbial Michelin man, or, as P put it this morning, as if I am carrying a litter of five or six kittens (he knows that will make me smile and feel better, bless him).

Happily, the throat swelling went down after 24 hours but I’m left with that totally bloated feeling. This is caused by the inflammation reaction sending fluid to protect the lining of the stomach and abdomen, much like you’d get a swelling if you banged your knee: everything rushes there to start healing it, which is actually a good thing even though it doesn’t feel nice.

So, I did the usual thing today and started to panic. You forget how well you feel, don’t you, when you’re on the up? You think it’s all coming back. It’s a waste of time. I may as well eat my weight in junk food. You scour your food diary or brain trying to work out what it was and gradually panic about it being more than a food reaction. I convinced myself this morning I have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, no less! What is it they say about too much knowledge being a dangerous thing sometimes?!

The point I am trying to make is this: if you have a reaction that lasts a couple of days, don’t let it throw you, don’t spend hours trying to work it out; just accept you have a reaction, relax as much as you can and be kind to yourself. It will pass.

If the reaction lasts more than 5 days, that’s the time to start thinking about what is going on, not before; it’s simply a waste of time and energy. You WILL have reactions, you WILL have bad days amongst the improving ones, there is no doubt. The vast majority of those reactions will be temporary, albeit nasty, I know, but very few will actually last.

Right, did I hear that?! I think so. I’ll let you know how many kittens I have.

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  1. Poor you – and yes, you are soooo right…… Why does common sense walk straight out the door when you are having a reaction?…. You know, perfectly well that is what it is, and that it will get better if you are just patient and don’t flap – but it is so hard to banish that nagging little doubt…. Well, maybe this time it is actually something else (ovarian cancer, impending heart attack, onset of Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinson’s……..) And then two days later, when it has passed and you are more or less back to normal, you tell yourself yet again that the next time it happens you will be more sensible….

    Exactly the same things happens to me every time I get an overdose of electro-magnetic radiation!

    I was talking to a friend the other day who has been suffering from bad anxiety attacks and one of the strategies she was given by her consultant was to write out a whole load of little cards: ‘No, I know that my hair is not actually falling out, even though I feel that it is. I only think it is because I am have a panic attack and if I just wait for the panic attack to pass I will stop thinking that my hair is falling out.’ The theory is that seeing it written out is much more powerful and convincing than just saying it to yourself.

    Maybe we need to employ the same tactics as far as our allergy/ES reactions are concerned!

    Hope you are feeling better…….

  2. Thanks Michelle. Just hungry but don’t want to eat as it doesn’t feel like there would be enough room to get anything in! Good tip re cards, that makes a lot of sense. What is it they say about illness being in the mind…. I am going to follow my own advice now and be kind to myself. I am slowly catching up with the episodes of Corrie I missed whilst glued to the Olympics, so I’ll go and watch another 20 minute ep 🙂

  3. Hi Miki,

    My sympathies for the kitten collection. First impression is anaphylaxis. When you cited citrus, unless you are eating all organic foods then those little darlings, at least in The Colonies are so polluted with toxic chemicals by systemic pesticides that get into the fruit and ones sprayed on the fruit and then the bath and wax they put over the fruit so that it won’t rot while it is sitting in the fruitmonger’s stand might be an issue on top of everything else. Among the insults to injuries is when MDs mock you for thinking you are having a heart attack when it is gastric reflux, and then sending people home with a diagnosis of gastric reflux and the patient dies of a heart attack.

    For histaminic reactions I use a cassava derived Vitamin C. Pfeiffer in Mental and Elemental Nutrients says to use calcium, methionine, zinc and manganese to reduce histamine.

    Regarding Michele’s friend with the panic attacks: The ancient Chinese codify anxiety as inability to breathe. There are many different causes of this but a lactate to pyruvate imbalance can be at the root of it. Anyone who runs out of a room crowded with people may not be having a mental problem but the highly sensitive oxygen sensors in the brain may have identified that the breathable oxygen in the room was not sufficient for their physiological needs. Ooops. That’s a lot of expensive couch-time removed from the talons of head-shrinks who want you to tell them how you feel about your mother —

    Hair falling out could be as simple as hypothyroidism and the lack of the hormone T1 has effects on the brain like causing depression. My stern manner is not directed towards Michelle or her friend when I say that you can’t talk your way out of frank physiological organ failure. The pursuit of ‘mental disease’ or ‘bad attitude’ where science and physics rules is just simply criminal in my value system. Everything that is wrong with us is knowable and correctable but we have to sort through the lies and distractions to get there. I have done many desperate things and spent way too much money in the pursuit of getting better but most of it was like the crowd chasing the banner blowing in the wind in Dante’s description of Limbo. With structured intervention I was able to recover from chemical exposure in around 15-24 hours. In the past months I am lucky to be able to recover in under 48 hours throwing every trick I know at it. This tells me that our environmental assaults are worse now than they have ever been. It’s like dog-paddling in the ocean with a big wave coming. Case in point: Corn ceased being corn decades ago. The GMO variety has the Bacillus thuringiensis toxin in it. Once in the biosphere it is impossible for this gene to not be transferred to corn that is used for animal feed or human consumption. Whereas in the past the only thing that we had to concern ourselves with was the odd exposure to the corn gluten/corn protein/or zearelenone mold toxin in a few labeled products. But now corn, HFCS, modified starch, and maltodextrin are hidden in nearly every commercial product on the planet. So, let’s start a fund for a glass dome to cover a remote tropical island, that is, unless you are allergic to coconuts —

  4. No, I can do the coconut thing, sounds good! Thanks Patrick for your time and useful comment.

    I never went near any obvious citrus or corn so am indeed assuming it was used in processing. I had grapes and bottled water ( a new one I’ve not had before) so that should have been more than safe! I wish I could take the Vitamin C but I can’t sadly so I just have to wait it out, although peppermint oil and fasting has helped a lot today. Oh, it just occurred to me I could have used bicarb – it’s recommended in my own How to bring down a reaction factsheet. Dur. Off to get some now.

    Love that Pfeiffer book, by the way, extremely useful for anyone with mental health issues.

  5. Hope you are feeling better this morning Micki.
    So frustrating but thank you for finding the strength to share with us – It was like reading an echo. It fascinates me how the intolerance reaction works i at so many levels and so cleverly. Is it trying to trip us up in thinking one thing so we carry on eating the intolerance food?!
    I have had to change my dog walking route twice lately due to fields of grain being harvested. Since I live so close to these fields I reckon I very likely am inhaling some of the dust and that is what is causing minor symptoms now and then- or am I just making up excuses.mmmmm!

  6. Thanks Caroline, for caring. I think I am down to 3 kitten level this morning so much better, although I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach! SO tender, I can honestly feel the whole lining of my stomach which feels raw; I could trace it with a marker pen on my body I reckon! And tired too, like after any major inflammatory event, I suppose. Still, improving.

    Interesting about the fields, I would think that highly likely. You only have to think about farmers and bakers who get coeliac disease and wheat intolerance at a higher level than the general population, which I think I read somewhere, to know that would have an effect on a hyper-sensitive person. I was actually opposite a harvested grain field myself when this came on. Mmm…

  7. Update: the tender punched-feeling went on day 4, thank goodness but the swelling seems to want to stay. 1 kitten this morning but it has been varying between 1-4 the last few days. Ho hum. Good job I kept those size 12 jeans!

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