Couscous With Herbs and Pomegranate Seeds

I just realised it is a while since I gave you an easy-peasy wheat and dairy free recipe. Remember there are tons in the Recipes category you can search through and there is always the recipe book, too. Anyway, here’s a nice one for you:

Couscous With Herbs and Pomegranate Seeds

Put 200g barley couscous (Belazu range; you can find it in the poshy section in supermarkets) in a bowl and pour over enough boiling water or bouillon stock to cover it. Make sure you get the dairy and wheat free Marigold Bouillon powder, they all look the same. Cover and let it steam for a bit whilst you make the rest of the dish.

First, make some dressing by mixing some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, shake or stir well and set aside.

Dice some cucumber, pepper and anything else that needs using up in the fridge, a few spring onions maybe, or red onion can give a nice kick. Chop a good pile of parsley and basil.

Take the cover off the couscous, season and fluff it up with a fork. Then, throw all the veggies and herbs in and give it all a good mix. Top with the dressing whilst it is warm and the couscous will absorb it beautifully.

Sprinkle a good measure of pomegranate seeds on top, which makes it super-healthy, gives crunch and looks lovely. Serve whilst slightly warm for a delicious lunch or take some with you in a box to work as it is nice cold too. For dinner, it would go well with a couple of lamb chops.


7 Replies to “Couscous With Herbs and Pomegranate Seeds”

  1. This couscous was a big favourite of mine….I’ve excluded it as I thought it was one of the ‘gluten’ grains……wish I could think straight!

    1. Careful Karen, this is not the gluten free blog! Barley is a gluten grain so avoid, sorry to disappoint! You’re not going mad, promise.

  2. Sorry, thanks Micki, good job you are on the ball! Disappointing too, thought I was in for a treat!

    1. What a shame! Try doing it with roasted, pulsed cauliflower. Haven’t done it myself, but meant to be a good substitute. Let me know how it is if you do it!

  3. Will do, it’s just that yearning for some solid, stodgy food that’s hard to satisfy with vegs, much as I love them!

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