Daily #Wheat Free, #Dairy Free and #Gluten Free Diet

I have just written the post below for the grain and dairy free people on the trulyglutenfree blog, but it occurs to me that it might provide some inspiration to those of you just wanting to eat healthily and cut out your wheat, gluten and dairy, so here it is for you. Let’s have your tips too, please!

It occurred to me today that there are now quite a few of us following the TGF diet. I thought it might be an idea if we all wrote down a quick example day’s menu so others can draw some inspiration when starting out or just needing some ideas. 

We all have our individual strategies – I hear a lot of them but no-one else does and I haven’t time always to pass them on. Do you think we could all share some menu ideas, please? If you can, please use the comment box, or email to me and I will list them for you. I think they would be really useful and I look forward to some new ideas myself! If no time for a whole menu, please give us a tip or a favourite easy meal idea.

Thanks in advance from everyone.

Here’s a quick daily version from me to start us off:

Breakfast is a bowl of fresh fruit (chopped apple, pear and berries), with mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit and a dash of non citric acid/ascorbic acid juice – usually pineapple from Sainsbury’s with a muffin if I have made some. Sometimes just the muffin with some honey and berries and the juice.

Snacks – nuts, seeds and fresh fruit if I haven’t had them for breakfast, otherwise a couple of whole carrots and hummus dipped whilst standing near the fridge often (naughty me!)

Lunch is what I may have had in a sandwich without the sandwich – so tinned or wild-caught salmon with mayo (Stokes) or mashed avocado, a few prawns, some cooked beef strips etc on a plate with salad leaves, cherry tomatoes etc or I take a couple of leaves off a little gem or iceberg lettuce and use that as a wrap. Otherwise, left overs from the night before. Sometimes an omelette or 2 boiled eggs

Snack: another muffin, slice of muesli bread, some nuts and fruit maybe or a boiled egg eaten like an apple

When working on clinic days, snack at about 6pm on Sainsbury’s or M&S vegetable crisps (something shop-bought – yay!)

Tea: grass fed beef, lamb or sea fish eg Sainsbury’s frozen seabass/sea trout/line-caught cod and lots of veggies either stir-fried in olive oil with some spices, roasted with herbs and seasalt or just steamed and plonked.

Supper: – if hungry, another snack of the same ilk as above or some crumble or baked fruit with honey if I have made some – usually I make a massive one and have that for breakfast too!

OK – what do you do?

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