Prune, Brazil and Pistachio Loaf with Danish Apple Cake Dessert

Creamy Cashew Nut, Prune and Almond LoafVal has sent in a copy of a California Prunes promotional booklet she found in Holland & Barrett recently. In it, there are some fab recipes, but my two favourites are the nut loaves – prune (of course), brazil and pistachio, and almond, prune (again) and cashew. Both sound lovely, although I haven’t had a chance to make them myself yet – let me know results if you do.

Go and get yourself a booklet for the full recipes, or check out the California prunes website where you will find the almond loaf recipe amongst many other surprisingly tasty-sounding ideas.

Basically you combine cooked onions, herbs, apple, porcini or dried mushrooms, ground and chopped nuts, prunes (or any other dried fruit would do), two eggs, chopped veg like celery, carrot, courgette etc and seasoning together and stick into a loaf tin. Cook in bain-marie fashion for about an hour and let cool for 10 mins in the tin.

This would be nice hot or cold with salad or roasted/green veg. Val reckoned it would be great for lunchboxes too, and she advised that she would probably add an egg to the almond loaf recipe to make it hold together a bit more successfully as it is quite crumbly rather than slicy.

Danish Apple and Prune CakeVal also reported that she made the Danish Apple & Prune Cake with a few healthier tweaks. She substituted the self raising flour with 60g gram (chickpea) flour and 20g potato flour, the butter with Pure spread and milk for soya milk. Other flours and milks would work equally well and substitute grapeseed oil for Pure if needed. She suggests serving it warm or cold and describes it as ‘lovely’.

If nothing else, those should keep you nice and regular! Thanks Val.

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