#Period Pain Relief

A quick tip from Dr Marilyn Glenville for you on the bane of many of our lives – partners as well as sufferers!:

In all types of period pain, cells in your womb lining release unhealthy prostaglandins when the womb lining begins to shed during your period. This release stimulates your womb to contract.  If you have high levels of “bad” prostaglandins, these natural muscular contractions will become painful.  What you eat can decrease or increase levels of “bad” prostaglandins in your system.  Cut down on caffeine (in chocolate, tea and coffee) and saturated fat (mainly in animal and dairy products) as they encourage the body to produce bad prostaglandins.  Also, increase the amount of essential fats in your diet, from foods such as oily fish, as well as nuts and seeds.  Your body needs essential fats to produce good prostaglandins to counteract the bad.

The Natural Health Bible for Women: The Ultimate Guide for Women of All AgesMarilyn was one of my lecturers in women’s health when I very first trained, and I still take note of everything she says! She has a fab book, actually, on the subject so check it out. I often use it for clinical support.

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