Ultra-Smooth Smoothie

This morning, I fancied a really nice healthy, filling smoothie for breakfast and I ended up making an ultra-smooth smoothie which was delicious.

Usually when I make a smoothie, I simply fling in a load of nuts and seeds to boost the protein content but this morning, I chose to use a tablespoon or so of walnut paste I have in the cupboard instead. Instead of a ‘crunchy’ smoothie, I ended up with a really creamy textured one. Here is what I did:

Glug of blackcurrant/pomegranate juice and a glug of pineapple juice

A tablespoon or thereabouts of walnut paste (you could use any – pistachio, cashew, almond, peanut etc)

A generous sprinkling of linseeds

A couple of pieces of frozen banana from the freezer – so useful to have a bag of these for when you have run out of fruit

A few raspberries

Blitz the whole lot together. You will need a powerful blender to do this because of the frozen banana, but most should cope. My Thermomix did it in 4 seconds! If not, let them defrost for a bit or use fresh banana or other fruit you have to hand – I only used it because our bananas weren’t quite ripe.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes to allow the linseeds to swell and become very filling and great for your bowel!

Pour into a long glass, stick a sprig of mint on top if you feel so inclined, and enjoy.

Tip: I often use a bit left over to whizz my various powdered prescription items into so they taste a little more palatable.

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