Brain Fog, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma After Covid? Do This..

I keep seeing reports that Long Covid sufferers are having cognitive issues like brain fog and neurological/brain/nervous system issues like anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Here’s one for a start:

More Evidence COVID ‘Brain Fog’ Is
Biologically Based

(which basically says it is neuroinflammation in many cases)

Treating Long Covid Trauma & PTSD

The PTSD is totally understandable, given what some people have gone through with Covid. For this, see my Trauma-Triggered Illness factsheet here and do the work in the Vagus factsheet.

Treating Long Covid Brain Fog, Anxiety and Depression

The cognitive/neuro problems are also understandable if you look at it from a certain perspective. At the start of these reports over a year ago, I thought that people should be checking their blood-brain barrier, healing it, lowering brain/neuro/CNS inflammation and increasing oxygenation to the brain. And I am even more convinced of it now.

Viruses are known to trigger brain-barrier problems and neuroinflammation. Have a look at the NI bit of my Brain Problems factsheet in the A-Z where I have put a starter supplement protocol for you to address these very issues. I’ll repeat it here for you too, but do please read the full factsheet for lots of information and symptoms to look out for.

Supplement protocol

…there is a whole NI supplement protocol that is customised depending on each case, however I’ve put a great core protocol together below for you.  Please check ingredients/discuss with your practitioner as always. The dosages can vary greatly and you may need other products on top of or instead of these. These are advanced products which you can register for at Amrita, using my code 4Y2AE7. 

NeuroFlam – a polyphenol-based anti-inflammatory that will cross the blood-brain barrier (where many won’t).

Trizomal Glutathione – this is costly, but it works. Crucial in stopping the free radical attack on neurons and brain tissue.

NeurO2 – brilliant for increasing blood flow to the brain

I’ve seen a lot of improvement just from those three products. The trick, for most, is to go in at a high enough dose to make a difference and then reduce down, but clearly be led by your own body and sensitivity levels. 

Testing Your Blood-Brain Barrier

If you want to test your brain barrier, you can do that with a Cyrex 20 here. Trust me, if that’s still ‘leaky’, you will not solve the problem and will get more and more issues as time goes on as the neuroinflammatory and glial priming process is not addressed.

To summarise – do vagus and trauma exercises, check blood-brain barrier and use the supplement protocol (and other tips in the factsheet) to lower neuroinflammation.

Hope that helps – if you need more help, just ask me.

You can see Support options here:

In terms of buying supplements, follow the links and please use my name Micki Rose if registering at Natural Dispensary and my code 4Y2AE7 if registering at Amrita. You only need to do this once. It gives me a little referral commission which helps me keep costs for support etc down and pays for all the freebies. Thank you.

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