Finally – Scottish and UK Government’s Listen on Vitamin D for Covid!

Well it wasn’t reported much was it, I nearly missed it?! Scotland and England ministers have decided – at last – to send vulnerable people free Vitamin D to help keep them topped up.

Many studies over the last few months have suggested Vitamin D deficiency may well not be helping in people contracting and not being able to fight the virus off. I think I said this first in March last year – as did many of us! – which makes it somewhat laughable that Matt Hancock says he is taking ‘fast action’ on the issue. I nearly choked on my coffee.

Still, thankful for small mercies. I hope it is good quality, absorbable Vitamin D3 and enough of it to make a difference. I have a horrible feeling…

Just look at this graph from Grassroots Health – you can clearly see the difference in the number of cases between deficiency and sufficiency states of Vitamin D:

Next, they need to make sure everyone has a good Vitamin D levels. Ask for GP for a test – or see here for a simple fingerprick one – and top yourself up properly, aiming for somewhere between 120-160nmol. See my Vitamin D factsheet here for what types to take for best absorption and how much to take to get yourself up quickly if you are too low:

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