Morning Anxiety?

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the early hours or even at your normal time feeling like your heart is racing and your mind won’t shut up. I swear as I go into menopause time, my sleep is disrupted more by anxiety now than ever before. That’s quite common. But then I’ve also had a lot on currently, what with the COVID stuff, family and friend severe illness and moving counties and houses!

Blood sugar

My best tip for morning anxiety is to control your blood sugar by eating something proteiny and carby right as you go to bed – I have a few nuts or a nut milk with some banana, you might have an oatcake with peanut butter on. Just avoid processed sugary stuff like cereal or a biscuit, which will only make it worse.

This keeps your blood sugar nice and stable through the night so your glucose is less likely to drop and adrenaline be released to alert you to the drop. That’s what happens at night when you don’t have a hunger mechanism as such. If it was daytime, your brain would tell you the glucose was dropping and you need to eat. At night, it just triggers a release of adrenaline. And you wake up not knowing why you are feeling anxious.

If you do still wake up, have some more to eat. Works pretty much every time.

Be kind

If it doesn’t work and you are still suffering anxiety, be kind to yourself and just ‘be’ with the anxiety for a bit. Just say: ‘this is anxiety’ and look at it as if it is happening to your brain and body, but not to you as a person. Sometimes just acknowledging an emotion will help. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it, but it truly is often enough to bring the anxiety down.

On the subject of being kind to yourself, I saw this the other day and thought it is so true – which scenario do you recognise…?

Waking Up Anxious? Two Scenarios Of Dealing With Morning Anxiety

Interesting, huh? Imagine yourself as that child. What would you do???

For more info…

Try reading my Insomnia and Stress factsheets in the A-Z. I’ve put lots of tips there to help you.

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