How to Cook Dried Beans

Beans and pulses in your diet - NHS

I was asked this the other day and thought it might be useful to share some info. Many of us haven’t been able to get canned pulses during lockdown, but you can normally get dried beans. The trouble is: no-one ever knows how to cook them!

Here’s a useful article and video from Good Housekeeping for you. I particularly like the tip at the end where they say not to add salt at the start of cooking – it makes the beans tough!

How to Cook Dried Beans the Traditional Way

In fact, it reminded me of one of my favourite recipe books from years ago which I used to recommend to patients all the time. It’s an oldy, but a goodie. Her section on cooking with beans and pulses is excellent – and all her recipes are Low GI so will help your blood sugar too. Check it out here:

Low-GI Vegetarian Cookbook by [Rose Elliot]

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