Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 12: Recipes

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Our immune system is dependent upon many nutrients to work effectively, not least Vitamins A, D, C, zinc and selenium. At the moment, it might be a good idea to make sure your diet contains plenty of those, so I’ve prepared two free diet resources that might help.

The Immune Support Meal Plan – a weekly plan for you to follow, complete with a shopping list and notes. It’s is traditional gluten and dairy free, but you can always swap different meals out or adapt to fit any other dietary requirements.

20 Top Immune Support Recipes – I couldn’t fit them all into the plan so here are some extra ideas for you!

You can download both of them for free here. 

I’ve also added these into the Purehealth COVID-19 Guidance Document here, which I am changing and adding stuff to daily.

I hope they help. Stay well x

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