Gut Healing Smoothie

Love your gut? Try this smoothie

Excellent smoothie idea for you today from Biocare. The point is to increase your short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) for healing energy – many people test low on SCFAs and it is crucial part of gut health. Low SCFAs mean low T regulatory cells that keep inflammatory reactions down, so they’re important. Of course you can change ingredients around in this to suit, but you get the basic idea. I think if more people did this on a regular basis, I’d see fewer gut problems in-clinic!

Mango Lassi

Are you looking for a simple and delicious way to support your gut? Or maybe you need an easy recipe to help you use your supplement in an enjoyable way? We’ve got a perfect solution for you! Mango Lassi is a traditional yoghurt-based Indian drink, particularly enjoyed in the summer months, due to its cooling effect.

We’ve tweaked it slightly and supercharged it with some nutrient-dense and powerful powder blends to make it the easiest, yet the best recipe to really nourish your gut and feed friendly bacteria.

Yoghurt is a great source of beneficial bacteria and easy to absorb nutrients so it makes a great base for our lassi. To make it dairy free, we’ve used coconut yoghurt, but feel free to use any natural yoghurt of your choice. Coconuts are full of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are favoured by our cells in the large intestine for energy supply.

Mangoes are a rich source of carotenoids, which help to maintain a healthy gut integrity and prevent bacterial migration1

Fresh lime juice adds a bit of tang to the drink, as well as an array of nutritional benefits. Limes are a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidants and electrolytes, protecting you from free radical damage and keeping you hydrated.

For even more flavour, we went for a pinch of ground cardamom – a spice that has been used traditionally for a number of ailments, including digestive discomfort.

And last but not least, the addition of our two favourite BioCare products – Prebio NutriPowder (contains an ingredient derived from milk) and GI Complex for an extra nutrient and fibre boost, makes it a truly powerful combination. (Please use my name Micki Rose if ordering, ta)

GI Complex is an all-in-one, powder blend of nutrients with vitamin A, zinc, l-glutamine, nucleotides as well as live bacteria, whilst Prebio NutriPowder provides a range of soluble fibre, including inulin, FOS and pectin. Neither are TGF-safe so you would need to use alternatives from the TGF Supplement Master List. 

Your gut bacteria will love you for it!


Serves one

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • 1x handful of very ripe mango
  • Half a cup of plain coconut yoghurt
  • Half a cup of coconut milk
  • A good squeeze of lime
  • A small pinch of ground cardamom
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of GI Complex
  • 1-2 teaspoons of Prebio NutriPowder


  1. Measure all ingredients directly into the jug for your smoothie machine

  2. Blend for around 30 seconds until completely smooth. Add a splash more coconut milk if it’s too thick. Adjust flavour to your liking with a bit more lime/cardamom.

  3. Enjoy!

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