Stupid Things People Say To Chronically-Ill People…

I thought this was hilarious – and I have heard quite a few of them myself, especially the ‘you look great on that weight loss, are you eating enough, are you sure you’re ill…? I wish I had that so I could be skinny’.. Yes, beggars belief, doesn’t it?

Anyway, have a laugh with this one. In fact, if I wasn’t laughing, I’d cry…

4 Replies to “Stupid Things People Say To Chronically-Ill People…”

  1. Oh gosh… it’s hilarious but it’s horrible at the same time. Someone in my village actually did stop me, take my hand and ask if they could pray for my skin. That God would heal me… I have no words

  2. Oh, dear heaven, it’s all familiar. And they don’t have a clue. The only one missing is, “My cat used to throw up all the time, too. My vet put her on a special food and she’s fine now.”

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