Try This Too For Hayfever

Hot on the heels of my recent recommendation for Aller-Aid, here is another new product I think has potential to help those of us who suffer with hayfever or all-year-round rhinitis: Adrisin. It’s a mix of 18 synergistic remedies indicated for allergies. I asked ND who kindly said they would stock it for those of you who want to try it. You can combine it with Luffa and/or Euphorbium Nasal Spray.

Hope it makes you less sneezy 🙂

4 Replies to “Try This Too For Hayfever”

  1. Hi Micki, thanks for this research really helpful and I am going to try the sprays, just wondering with the Adrisin though, do they contains lactose? Thanks Deb

    1. I would imagine they might Debbie, which is why I did this under Purehealth and not TGF, sadly! If you check, can you pls come back and let me know – ta x

  2. Hi Micki can your hayfever recommendations be given to teenagers under 18 – mine suffers really badly due to pollen.. be great to find something that helps her.

    1. Hi Jude, certainly any homeopathic is usually safe for children so the Adrisin should be fine. Check with the manufacturers of Aller-Aid, I’m not sure on that one. If you find out, do let me know. And also if they help, come back and tell us pls so others can have some help. Good luck!

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