New FSA Allergy Recommendations

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Essentially, official recommendations have been made that restaurants should label all ingredients in the meals they serve. For example (from the BBC News story here):

Supermarket sandwich: already has to list full ingredients including allergens

Over-the-counter sandwich: if it’s made to order in front of you, it doesn’t currently need a label. This will not change under the new plans.

Pre-prepared sandwich: if it is made on the premises, it doesn’t currently need a label, just a sign nearby prompting customers to ask about allergens. But if these recommendations are adopted, any sandwich that is wrapped and picked from a shelf will need to carry a label listing all ingredients, and highlighting major allergens

I think that is an excellent idea, especially for those of us with non-14 allergen issues as all ingredients will need to be labelled.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here is What Allergy? blogger Ruth waxing lyrical on it. I certainly recognise how she feels about safety and eating out, note my comment after the article. Let’s hope the recommendations are taken up and implemented. Fingers crossed.

New FSA allergen regs at last


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