Hayfever: Try This…

I’ve been doing an awful lot of work on loss of oral tolerance recently in a bid to uncover the myriad biochemical reasons someone might be multi-sensitive. I have a lot more to do on it; I’m trying to do the research between patients for us and come up with a plan we can use to guide us through the maze. It will dovetail nicely with the extremely important mind-body work in the Healing Plan.

Anyway, during my research one product that has caught my eye could be a really good one to alleviate the dreaded seasonal hayfever so I share it with you now in case. Get it going in before the season starts preferably.

Aller Aid is a new product from Allergy Research which contains a synergistic mix of anti-allergen compounds. I especially like the luteolin, which is just as powerful,  some say more so, as Quercetin, and the L-92 probiotic, which research suggests could be really important for turning off the TH2 immune responses involved in allergic reactions.

Of course, this can be used for food reactions as well as pollen/airborne ones. Sadly, it is not TGF (grain and dairy free), as usual, but I am working on finding alternatives.

The stated dose is 2 per day, but 1 per meal and even up to two, three times a day short-term has been used for severe cases, then reducing to a maintenance dose.

I hope it helps. Read here for more on Hayfever and Anti-Histamines. And if your problem is histamine intolerance and not just seasonal histamine, don’t forget the new Histamine Factsheet here.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

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