Artificial Sweeteners Make You Put ON Weight, Not Lose It!

How many years have I been saying this?! So, I’ll say it again: I would rather you had a little raw sugar than an artificial sweetener if you must. Personally, I use a bit of good quality honey or coconut sugar. Even better, go for something like a fruit-based one like Sweet Freedom, which will not affect your blood sugar adversely as it is low GL (see the Belly Fat Plan here). They do chocolately versions too, yum!

Read this recent study here:

Artificial sweeteners aren’t slimming—they put on the pounds (and cause heart disease)

And, as usual, Dr Axe has some lovely visuals for us – I am enjoying these; I must learn how to do them!! – and some sage (or actually cinnamon) advice:

The 5 Worst Artificial Sweeteners

The moral of the story is: don’t go mad but have a little of what you fancy and make sure it is ‘real’ food. I have fruit/nut crumble with a little coconut sugar sprinkled on several mornings a week for breakfast!

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