Cyrex Launch New Food Sensitivity Test

Cyrex has launched the long-awaited Array 10 multiple food immune reactivity screen this week and I have just added it to the shop for you.

It has been designed by our fave immunologist Prof. Vojdani and the difference here mainly from other food antibody tests is that it includes allergens made from cooked food rather than raw (who eats a raw potato, for example, or drinks unbrewed coffee?!) and commonly combined foods such as potato cooked in oil. This makes a lot of sense – testing how we actually eat food rather than the raw food proteins.

It also includes really useful checks on common food triggers like lectins, agglutinins, oil proteins, meat glues and even an assortment of gums including carageenan, xanthan and even beta glucans (helpful for those with low SIgA levels taking glucans to improve gut immunity). Spices, herbs, meat, fish, fruits and even things like red and white wine are differentiated, corn as popped or the various allergens in it, gluten free soy sauce etc.; the list goes on. 180 really useful items tested, in my opinion.

The test does include wheat and some alpha gliadins as a check for antibodies to traditional gluten, but the lab suggests really that the best approach is to do Cyrex 3 (the gluten peptides) and Cyrex 4 (the cross-reactive foods) with this new Cyrex 10 to establish your truly safe diet. That adds up, of course, but I have listed it as a special combined test– with a whopping £195 discount to help you! This is because Cyrex has given us a trade discount for having those three tests done on the one sample at the same time, so I have passed it on to you like a good girl.

Anyway, there is a lot to read up on this new test so do visit the shop test page and follow the links there. I have included a 50 page technical factsheet about allergy testing from Cyrex rather than try and reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. Here, to start you off, is the general leaflet with all the foods tested on it.

To help with choosing allergy tests – as we know it is a minefield! – I have also updated the Allergy Test FAQ page for you and that should give you an idea of how to test effectively and you will also find my free Allergy 101 factsheet there too – which I now need to update to take account of this new test – an ever-evolving area!

Anyway, hope the new test helps you. I’ll keep you up to date about it as I find out more no doubt.

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