US Shop 10% Discount Code Change

10% iconJust to let you know that I have changed the discount system on DSS, my US supplement store. I know some of our Purehealth family across the pond are using it and some in Europe for the more awkward suppliers like Neuroscience, Kirkman’s etc. It is also a stockist of the products for the NuMedica Gluten Illness protocol I have just put in the new Gluten Plan.

You still use a code to register the first time you visit (then you don’t need it again), but now also have a 10% discount code to add on checkout. Previously, it was an automatic discount, but it seemed to be throwing a wobbly so I changed it!

I have put all the Suppliers’ details on a the Suppliers page here. DSS is the US store and is the 4th one down.

Hope that makes sense. And enjoy your discount 🙂

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