US Shop 10% Discount Code Change

10% iconJust to let you know that I have changed the discount system on DSS, my US supplement store. I know some of my lovely TGF family across the pond are using it and some in Europe for the more awkward suppliers like Neuroscience, Kirkman’s etc. It is also a stockist of the products for the NuMedica Gluten Illness protocol I have just put in the new Gluten Plan.

You still use a code to register the first time you visit (then you don’t need it again), but now also have a 10% discount code to add on checkout. Previously, it was an automatic discount, but it seemed to be throwing a wobbly so I changed it!

I have put all the Suppliers’ details on a new Suppliers page here on the TGF site when I did the revamp (have you seen it yet? Do you like it?!). DSS is the US store and is the 4th one down.

Hope that makes sense. And enjoy your discount 🙂

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