French WiFi Ban For Under 3s

The French National Assembly has voted to ban WiFi exposure for under 3s because research suggests that babies’ and toddlers’ brains absorb much more of the radiation than adults’.

Here’s a quick summary:


In January 2014, the French Assembly voted in favour of a law to ban Wi-Fi in all institutions for children aged under 3. 

The proposed bill aims to limit exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by wireless technologies – mobile phones, tablets, WiFi etc. 

The French Assembly has insisted that cell phone manufacturers recommend the use of hands-free kits for every new mobile phone purchase. 

In May 2011, the ‘International Agency for Research on Cancer’ (IARC), part of the World Health Organisation, classified such equipment as “possibly carcinogenic” (cancer-causing.)


And a piece in Natural News for more info:

WiFi banned from pre-school childcare facilities in a bold move by French government


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