Could It Be #Histamine?

Yay – my latest article has just been published by the lovely FoodsMatter people. This time, I am looking at a more unusual type of food sensitivity – histamine intolerance or, actually to be more precise: histamine excess.

Take a look.

Could it be histamine?
Nutritionist Micki Rose looks at the symptoms, possible causes and ways to diagnose and treat histamine ‘intolerance’/excess

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  1. This is interesting – haven’t had time to read properly yet but I always knew when my daughter was not well or GOING to be not well as I could smell a Pear Droppy smell on her breath x

      1. Haven’t a clue but I always felt it was coming up from her tummy – one or two other mums said similar about their kiddiewinks. Of course now Heidi-Victoria is now 26 and suffers terribly with her intolerances. Incidentally, If you check out todays Hull Daily Mail the front page is a lady of 41 who has suffered from Crohn’s for 15 years has died. She thought she had flu and the doctor gave her antibiotics. She died in Hull Royal Infirmary – that place is a joke too. Her poor husband had her clothing handed over to him after her death and found some false teeth with her things Not hers and they have misplaced her bag containing cash – we actually sued a couple of years ago as they left my 92 year old mum – who has advanced dementia in the toilets and she fell over and smashed all her face in. Plus when Heidi ended up in there suffering from Violent sickness , stomach pain and the poong water and blood they starved her for three days and did loads of tests which all came back negative, then, as she was starving and their kitchens had no food left, gave her a plate of Pasta – no sauce or anything that did her a lot of good considering we suspected Gluten Intolerance

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