#Histamine Intolerance: Guest Post

Just to let you know, an interview I gave about histamine intolerance has just been published on the Low Histamine Chef blog so go and take a peek if you like.


I did actually say several times that I  can no way be called an expert on histamine issues and I have a long way to go with learning about it, but I gave my take on it anyway. The blog editor, Yasmina, decided to remove the stuff about me not being an expert, but I am telling you that anyway as some of you will know more about it than I do!

Hope it is of some help. Useful site to visit anyway if you suffer with or suspect histamine problems.

Interestingly, the lab who does the DAO histamine test for us has been teasing me that they have some more research/info on histamine and the gut to share with us soon. They are having a conference in Germany next week so I hope to find out more then. Look forward to it!

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