Detox Box Updated and On Sale Now!

Detox Support Programme kit

Many of you have been emailing me about detoxing so here’s a quick bit of help for you. Those  of you who have been with me for quite a while will remember my favourite approach to health starts, for most people, with this Detox Box from Nutrigold.

It is an excellent MOT for the body, especially for the gut and liver, and I advise people do something like this once a year as a real benefit to long-term health. I know that many of you are using the start of the new year to sort yourselves out and this would be a really good place to begin.

The Detox Box contains a probiotic, the superb detox formula to achieve phase 2 detox through the liver – which 99% of detoxes just will not do and are therefore a waste of time, effort and money in my view, see here where I wrote more about that) – plus a colon cleanser.

I see Nutrigold has also added some alka greens nutrient complex as part of the box now, plus a body brush and a much-updated comprehensive booklet on how to do the detox and general info you will find very useful.

Anyway, if you are looking to give yourself an MOT, you can’t get better than this in my view, especially if you combine it with a wheat and dairy free diet. This box is designed to give you a 3 day pre-cleanse and a 7 day detox.

If you have a gut/bowel problem you need to sort out more comprehensively, or you want to do a full 6-12 week detox programme (which is what we use in-clinic ), then you need my full Gut Plan, which is based around this detox (no alka greens) and takes it quite a bit further. No fasts or enemas though, I promise: just checking stomach acid and enzyme levels, eliminating the most common intolerance foods, considering gluten sensitivity etc along with an extended staged detox programme.

Note: the detox box is wheat and dairy free but not gluten free as it contains ingredients derived from barley.  If you need a gluten/grain free version, use the TrulyGlutenFree Detox.

So, for a simple, but effective 10 day wheat and dairy free detox, get the box which is currently 20% off, I see! Combine it with the wheat and dairy free diet.

For a more comprehensive approach and specifically to sort out bloating, wind, chronic symptoms, get the Gut Plan.

For a grain and dairy free detox, get the TGF Detox Plan and combine it with the TGF diet.

Hope that helps. Detoxing can be pretty life-changing IF you do the right type of detox and most people say they feel like they’ve had a weight lifted off them. So, get ready to feel better..!

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