Call for Doctors To Consider Herbs For #Hot Flushes


A review in “The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist” journal said that women should be offered herbal medicines as an alternative to HRT.

The review of current research says complementary therapies can help treat hot flushes, which nearly 2 in 3 women will suffer.  1 in 5 women have them for up to 15 years.

HRT is effective against hot flushes, but many women are reluctant to use it because of fears it heightens the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, clots and strokes.  Natural remedies include soy, red clover and black cohosh.

The author, Dr Iris Tong, of Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown Uni, Rhode Island, USA, said it’s important for healthcare providers to be informed about non-pharmaceutical therapies.

Source: Daily Express 11.1.13

Read the story in the Daily Express here. Read this really useful review of HRT treatment here too.

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  1. I would encourage anybody who is experiencing this problem to do as much research as they can before settling for HRT. The effects vary so much from person to person. Take time to find the thing that works best for you. I received wonderful relief from progesterone cream which I used effectively for several years.It was then available under the name “Serenity” and has the advantage that it does not upset sensitive digestive systems.

    1. Thanks Anne, am glad it helped. Just for clarification, though, progesterone cream is still an albeit mild form of HRT in my view. ‘Natural’ progesterone cream is a misnomer. It might start life as soy or yam but it is, in effect, a bio-identical hormone synthesised in the lab that you use to shore up your own natural body progesterone levels. That said, this mild approach has to be better than full HRT!

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