Allergy and Intolerance Terms: Clear As Mud!

I spend much of my life explaining the difference between allergy and intolerance, why proteins are not the only antigens in food but all that are recognised in mainstream allergy medicine, why gluten intolerance is different to coeliac disease, why ‘freefrom’ doesn’t mean it’s free from everything you need to avoid and to be careful, what avoiding dairy means – and that doesn’t include eggs! I even used to threaten to have a banner made for the clinic saying ‘dairy does not include eggs’ because so many people thought it did!

Anyway, I see Michelle at FoodsMatter has just done a really useful run-down of the definitions and done her best to, as she says, ‘elucidate’ the confusion surrounding this area of medicine. Go and have a read. I shall post it on the website allergy area I think; might save me some explaining! Good one, Michelle, thank you.


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