Vitamin D Protocol For Flu

Useful article this morning on using Vitamin D to prevent and shorten flu. This could be useful if anyone gets flu in your household so I pass it on in case it helps for you. It comes from Dr O at the GFS.

Vitamin D Therapy Protocol

I Recommend this protocol as a safe alternative to the flu vaccination. It also works very well for those with active viral and bacterial infections. You can use this protocol at the first sign of the flu or as a prophylactic natural flu shot. If using in this way, I recommend taking your first regimen the first week of school followed by a second regimen in mid December. You should consider seeing your doctor to have your 25 OH D levels (a simple blood test) measured as well. (Ed: You can do that here or via your GP).

This therapy has been used for years by doctors in Europe for many years and is very safe. However; it is contraindicated in patients with kidney disease, sarcoidosis, or high blood calcium levels.**

**If you have a kidney disease or abnormally high blood calcium, you should contact your doctor before attempting this therapy.

Dosage instructions:

For adults that weigh 150 pounds or more

Take 150,000 IU per day for three days. Afterwards, reduce to 100,000 IU per day for three days. Then lower the dose to 50,000 IU per day for three days and discontinue.

150,000 IU/day for 3 days followed by…

100,000 IU/day for 3 days…


For Adults under 150 pounds and for Children

Start with 1,000 IU of vitamin D per pound of body weight for three days. Afterward reduce by half for three days. For example: A 100 pound person would take 2 (50,000 IU) capsules for three days followed by 1 (50,000 IU) capsule for three days.

For Infants (0-1 year of age)

Infants should not need to supplement with vitamin D provided they are being breast fed. The mother should perform the vitamin D therapy to enhance the vitamin D content of her breast milk. If the infant is being formula fed he/she should receive 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily for maintenance. High dose vitamin D therapy is not recommended for infants.

Now, getting 50,000iu Vitamin D supplements is not easy, but I have found a 25,000iu capsule version you can read about here. You can get this from ND as usual here.


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