Two New Approaches To Chronic #Pain

Two interesting new approaches to pain have come across my desk this week so I thought I might share them with you in case you or someone you know suffers long-term debilitating pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Nerve Pain

First, a new hospital procedure being done in Leeds Spire involves implanting a spinal cord stimulator into the body which blocks the pain signal to the brain and gives a tingling sensation instead. t is apparently being used successfully for people with all types of nerve pain like back, neuralgia and sciatica.

That’s all I know about it but pass it on. You would need to contact the hospital for more info – obviously it is a private hospital so I would imagine will cost quite a bit. Not sure I like the idea of an implant in the body permanently but I am willing to bet it would be better than being on high dose painkillers for years which is the alternative for many.

Hop Alpha Acids

Many many people take regular painkillers for headaches, period pain, joint and muscle aches etc, so it was interesting to see a new update on alternative pain relief recently from Nutrigold.

Essentially, they have been investigating alpha acids from hops and developed a product called Nurocyte.


Hop alpha acids have undergone rigorous clinical testing to demonstrate both activity and safety in humans. Hop alpha acids have fast and safe anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities, comparable to pharmaceutical NSAIDs and with a good safety and tolerability profile in humans. Extracting the alpha acids removes all the sedative and oestrogenic properties.

They have brought out a very informative article about it which you can get in full here. Click on the product image below to see more on that. I see it is on a special 20% off introduction offer currently too.

Nurocyte 500mg Capsules

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  1. I know what pain is at the moment – trapped nerve in my neck all the way down my arm and into my two fingers which are numb, tingle and have a sort of “no” feeling in them – 5 weeks in now and I can’t take anti-inflammatories and I was sick of paracetemol which after 12 days didn’t do anything but create other problems. Wish I had known about this alternative. Really dragging me down now though – fed up with it – oh and nearly £400 spent on physio.

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