Best Approach For #Colds

Here we are entering cold and flu season. Hopefully, you won’t get anything but, in case you do, I pass on this useful tip for you from Patrick Holford:

…the best cure for a common cold is mega-dose vitamin C, taking around 1 gram an hour, or 2 grams every two hours, until symptoms abate.

The goal is to get your blood level of vitamin C as high as you can without extremely loose bowels (known as bowel tolerance level) and keep it up until you overcome the infection.

Then, I recommend having at least 4 grams a day for a day or two, before returning to what is my baseline of 2 grams of vitamin C a day. The vitamin C I take contains zinc and black elderberry extract. Echinacea is also helpful if vitamin C alone is not enough to win the war.

I assume this product is the one he means. For the higher dose Vitamin C, if you need it, it’s easiest to take a powder and you want a buffered version so it is gentle on your stomach. I like this one which gives a good dose of calcium at the same time which can be very calming when you’re feeling rotten!

ElderberryA slightly different approach, using much stronger elderberry than Vitamin C and with added immune-boosting beta glucans is this one, which is the one I recommend most often. There is also a junior version of this for children over two.

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