Elana’s Paleo Truly #Gluten Free Breakfast Bars

paleo breakfast bread recipe

Pop along to Elana Amsterdam’s site to see a video of her on US TV making her breakfast cinnamon bars. She chats to the presenter about her diet and why she has given up grains rather than just gliadin gluten grains. She also makes a good point about cinnamon helping to control blood sugar, which it does.

Tip: I often rotate nuts about and don’t just use almonds if you are prone to developing other intolerances. Pecans work great. To make any nut butter, simply grind the nuts down and keep processing; it will turn into butter.

You can get her book here on the Gluten Support page. Enjoy.

Here’s the video – I managed to put a direct link to Youtube for you: Paleo Breakfast Bars

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