Truly #Gluten Free White Wine – World First!

At last, and just in time for Spring/Summer quaffing, the makers of the red Solo Navitas additive-free and, happily, truly gluten free wine, have launched a white wine.

Read here why most wine is not truly gluten free: Gluten Free Wine Guzzling and Gluten In Wine.

Here is the blurb and how to buy some of the new white wine. Reserve yourself some whilst you can, only a limited number of bottles have been made. It’s buy 12, get one free or you can get a single bottle or a case of 6. I haven’t tried it yet, but the red has gone down OK, so I’ve reserved a case ready for Summer. Enjoy. And well done them!

 So Lo SO2 Aurum Natura 75cl Sulphite free natural wine  

WORLD Exclusive!

The launch of Solo Aurum Natura

A natural, chemical free wine with all the flavour, body and crisp finish of a traditional wine!

We believe this is the first wine anywhere in the world to be purpose designed to have all the benefits of a natural wine yet all the taste of a mainstream wine!

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Following on from the success of their superb natural red wine Navitas, Solo are about to release the first vintage of their natural white – Aurum Natura (Latin for “natural gold”).

It’s a completely natural wine from organically grown grapes fermented with the grapes’ natural yeasts, with no additives whatsoever at any stage either in the vineyard or winery (with the exception of a miniscule dash of sulphites at bottling required to retain the wine’s natural acidity). This is less than 5% of the permitted level, and it is perfectly safe even for people with a severe sulphite allergy.

Aurum Natura has all the benefits of natural wine – no hangover, no allergic reaction, no long term health damage from artificial additives, but also all the benefits of mainstream wines – full rich flavour, and a crisp dry finish.

Aurum Natura was hand made by Philippe Viret and aged in vat for 6 months. It was bottled on 16th February 2012 – only 4800 bottles were made so we don’t expect it to hang around! Case discounts will be available. We expect to have the wine available to buy from the first week of March but you can reserve some by email now if you like.

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