Free From Food Awards Shortlist

FFFM_logoI SO look forward to the Free From Food Awards shortlist coming out each year. It answers the simple question: ‘Which are the best, tastiest, most innovative freefrom foods around?’. And that’s something we all want to know isn’t it?

The winners have not been announced yet – and I will, of course, let you know when they are – but have a peek at the long list of foods that passed muster with the (very hard to please) judges. And, I can say that because last year I was a food judge, cogitating and debating with them.

awards logoHappily, this year I will be judging the new freefrom non-toxic skincare products in a couple of weeks time. Any of you who know me, know this is a favourite soapbox topic of mine. I was delighted to be asked to help with setting the criteria for judging and I took the opportunity to encourage the rewarding of products which are healthy (read: no nasty chemicals) as well as being allergy-friendly. Usually, manufacturers do one without the other, so I am REALLY pleased to be a part of something that is encouraging an industry improvement.

Anyway, off my soapbox again, now! Take time to read the list of foods in the shortlist then. I have no doubt you will find new foods – like CoYo coconut yogurt, for example – you haven’t come across before and may make life that little bit easier and tastier.

Thanks go to all the judges for their tasting and deliberation. A tough job, but someone’s gotta do it…


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  1. It is wonderful to know of these awards. I have just had a quick look at some of the foods included, some of which kindly inform me what is NOT in them but I would really like to know all the ingredients, so I can make an informed choice of what I eat

    1. Thanks Liz, hopefully Michelle who runs the awards will comment on that. I imagine you would get that info from the manufacturers’ websites.

  2. Gosh never heard of half of these. I’m trying to find an alternatiive to yoghurt (probiotic if possible) that is not sheep or goats milk based or soya. What is plant based yoghurt as in the CoYo yoghurts. Any other ones out there.

    Also I used to be able to buy German Rye Bread that was free from wheat and yeast at my local Sainsbury store – they’ve stopped doing it. All other Rye Bread contains wheat!!!! Any ideas who else does Rye Bread that is wheat free without going online.

    1. I know, that’s the point – lots of newbies! CoYo is coconut yogurt but does contain rice-derived ingredients so won’t be suitable for grain-sensitives – everyone else can enjoy though! See them at their website. Rye often has the same effect on the body that wheat does so perhaps the unavailability of it is a good thing!

  3. Hi Liz – and everyone –
    Yes, Micki is right – all foods, including ‘freefrom’ ones, have to say what the ingredients are on the pack. It is not practical to put them all on the front of the pack (some are very long…) but you should find them on the back or side – hopefully in a large enough print to be able to read them! (Not always the case!) You can usually also get the info from the websites, as Micki suggests, although not all manufacturers, put them up there.
    Plant based yogurt is one that is not made from an animal milk (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo etc). Although there was a rice yogurt on the market a few years ago, really the only alternative up till now has been soya – which, of course, many people either cannot tolerate or prefer to avoid. Which is why we were all so excited about the CoYo.
    I hope you all find something new that will fit in with your diet out of this year’s shortlisted products – and, as Micki says, watch this space for the winners when they are announced in mid April.

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