#Allergy Children Case Studies

A fascinating run-down of seven case studies from Harry Morrow Brown in this issue of FoodsMatter newsletter just goes to show how milk seems to be the most common cause of childhood allergy/intolerance and that a reaction can affect any system of the body, most commonly the gut and neurological system (inc the brain and behaviour). This corresponds with my own experiences in clinic and, as he says, there is such joy in changing poorly and ‘demon-behavioured’ little ones to healthy, happy children and seeing the consequent change on the family dynamic. Note, too, that you cannot rely on food allergy/skin prick testing as often a dietary elimination and challenge is the only way.

I often have this conversation with parents who want something on paper to confirm the issue – and you can get some antibody tests that I can recommend as the most comprehensive available – but we simply don’t understand yet how all sensitivities occur in the body and so you can’t test for something you don’t know to test for yet, if you see what I mean.

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