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As promised, here is the next of the new tests. Hot on the heels of the new Malabsorption Test comes this one: the Nutrient Level Test, a way of finding out how your levels of the various vitamins and minerals are doing.

Again, you would think it was pretty standard to measure the levels of vitamins and minerals, but it is actually really complex. You can get blood tests easily, but the body is very clever at maintaining homeostasis in blood so blood is not reliable for everything.

I sat down and studied all the best ways to test each individual nutrient and this test is a combination of those. Some are best tested by hair eg. copper and toxic metals like mercury and aluminium, some by blood and some by fractions of the blood – red blood cells for Magnesium, for example, and white blood cells for Zinc. I told you it was complex.

Here  is the blurb on the Nutrient Level Test for you. Note, I have given some options for the ONE and Nutreval tests. These are different in that they look at metabolically how the body is working and, from that, can give an indication of what cycles etc are not as efficient as they could be because, probably, the nutrients needed are low. They then give a recommendation for certain nutrients, but I found it only indicates certain nutrients which is why I wanted this more comprehensive look.

This is a combination of tests to check for levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. You would think this was easy but some are better tested by hair, others by blood, others by leucocytes etc so it is pretty complex. These can be done separately and/or look at the ONE (via urine) and Nutreval (blood and urine) tests which give an overall indication of body needs. 

Hair is the best for checking levels of toxic metals like aluminium, mercury, lead etc. It is also reliable for calcium, chromium and selenium levels so a hair test (graph only) is included. 

Vitamin Profile (blood) will check for A, B1, B2, B6, C and E. 

Vitamin D3 (blood)  will check for this important nutrient.

Mineral Profile (blood) looks for copper, manganese and potassium, all of which are best tested this way, plus Red Blood Cell Magnesium levels and the rest of the minerals as a double-check. 

Zinc is best tested in white blood cells so a test for this is included.

An Anaemia Profile (blood) is included, to look for serum ferritin, B12 and folate levels. 

You can also add the Fatty Acid Profile (blood) separately if you like. It is not included. 

Bear in mind that these tests come from different labs, so you will get several test kits delivered. They will  involve a few separate blood tests so you are advised to have your blood drawn on a couple of days rather than all together.

Please read the separate tests for more info or ask for more help. I would also advise you look at the Osteoporosis Test if you suspect your nutrients are low as fore-warned is most definitely fore-armed with that one. 

Hope it is useful for you. With all that lovely information, we can target your nutrient needs better. I haven’t included the fatty acid test in this, note, but I would say it is pretty important if you can. That way, we can then see what the levels of all the important nutrients are.

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    1. Hi Janet,

      If you follow the link to the test in the post, the cost is there for you. It’s not cheap, of course, but then nothing good ever is. I shan’t put the cost here because if it changes, I will never remember to change this comment!

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