Magnesium and #Back Pain

Just as I was waxing lyrical about nutrient deficiency and the importance of getting the right test for magnesium levels, up pops this really interesting piece from Nutrigold about magnesium and back pain.

I would agree with this. In all my years as a remedial massage therapist, there were some people’s back pain no amount of massage was going to help. When I trained as a nutritional therapist and discovered the problem of calcium dumping into soft tissues because of a deficiency usually of calcium’s antagonist mineral magnesium, it all suddenly made sense. I started treating those intractable back pain cases with magnesium therapy and still do. Successfully in the main.

So, if you are suffering from chronic back pain (or any soft tissue tension: think of those really hard neck and shoulders!), check your magnesium out with a red blood cell magnesium test and get your levels corrected.

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