New Malabsorption Test

Taking into account new research, I am starting to streamline the tests at the PureHealth Shop and introduce new ones. First is the new Malabsorption Test.

I see an awful lot of people who are deficient in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids etc and who are just not absorbing well. My standard home test for stomach acid levels is invariably positive and this is a pointer often to a more widespread malabsorption problem, especially with those who have leaky gut, allergies, intolerances, gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease.

We simply do not run efficiently if we don’t have the right nutrients in the right forms at the right levels in the right cells and tissues at the right time!

You couldn’t drive your petrol car with very little fuel in it on a long drive, yet that’s what we try to do with our bodies all the time. We drive ourselves through a stressful and hectic life without the tank as full as it should be. That’s malabsorption for you. Even worse if you are cramming your body with the wrong food (ie. junk, inflammatory foods or allergens), it will just stutter to a stop as if you had put diesel in a your petrol car.

Enough of the analogy.

So, I set off to learn the best ways to check for malabsorption. It is not as easy as you would think (and neither is looking for actual vitamin and mineral levels either – the Nutrient Level Test is coming next).

Here is the blurb on the Malabsorption Test:

This is a combination of what I think are the best ways to look for malabsorption. Each can be done separately, but this is a good overall look. Look too at the Nutrient Level Test. Tests are from various labs.

Any of these tests can be done separately and each is listed on the site.

Please bear in mind that these are separate tests and kits will come from different labs.


  • Total Protein and Creatinine (blood) – gives a good look at your protein digestion
  • Faecal Fat (stool) – one of the best overall indicators of absorption capacity.
  • Pancreas Elastase (stool) – a marker of pancreatic enzyme production.
  • Stomach Acid – a simple home test to check if y0u are producing enough stomach acid – most are not EVEN if you think you produce too much. I will enclose a test sheet – this one is one me so free!

You can also test for carbohydrate breakdown by adding the D-Xylose Absorption Test to this or having it done separately. I haven’t included it here because many allergy patients can’t tolerate the challenge substances of lactulose or sugars derived from corn. You can order it separately if necessary. 

Hope it helps. Next post is the Nutrient Level Test.


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